Who is responsible for maintaining the Berean Bible text?

The Berean Bible texts are ultimately maintained by the Berean Bible Translation Team and Advisory Committee. Learn More >>

How does the Berean Bible compare to other translations?

The Berean Bible lies somewhere near the middle of the range from “Word for Word” (Literal) Translations to “Thought for Thought” (Dynamic) Translations. The literal and interlinear tiers are strict word-for-word translations.


Why are there so many versions of the Berean Bible?

It is a great challenge for a single translation to meet all ministry needs of the Christian community. Whereas literal translation may be best for connecting directly to the original language, sometimes a smooth and clear text is more helpful for public reading. The translation tiers of interlinear, literal, and study help to fill in those gaps and to connect directly to the source language texts.

Can I use the Berean Bible in my own product?

Yes, a major purpose of the Berean Bible is to provide a translation that is easy and free to license for use in software, apps, websites, audio, and print publications. It should take only a couple of minutes to set up a free license. Learn More >>

When will the other translation tiers be released or printed?

We are working on all other tiers, but release dates are uncertain as of now. Initial releases will be in digital format and announced on this site and on Bible Hub.