I’ve been preaching and teaching from the Berean Study Bible and must say what an outstanding translation you have produced! To God be the glory! What a beautiful-reading translation! I am so eager to introduce others to the Berean Bible! Thank you for the tremendous work that you are doing in producing this translation! I assure you of my ongoing prayers for your efforts and for the worldwide use of the Berean Bible — to the praise of our Savior’s name!

The Berean Study Bible has supplanted my loyal use of both the ESV and NASB, being so highly accurate and eminently readable.  I’m recommending it to others and quoting it often!

I continue to read the Berean Study Bible online and rejoice in the translation! The more I read, the more deeply impressed I am with its accuracy and readability. The Berean Bible is a stunning achievement — the finest modern English translation I’ve ever read!

After many years of reading and studying many translations, I have discovered that the Berean Study Bible reads very well, is very accurate, and is by far one of the best.

I used the Berean Study Bible for my Easter Sunrise sermon and a woman approached me afterwards to inquire about the translation…She said that it read so smooth and easy that she had to know what translation I was reading from!

The King James Bible is the most literal one we had until the BSB, which far exceeds that in its accuracy, and I don’t know of any translation that captures the words, the tenses, etc., like yours. We are so in need of having the literal words which God spoke.

I love your literal Bible. So often when I am suspecting, with my limited Greek knowledge, what a verse is literally saying, I will read your version and it will confirm the truth. There is such a great need today for the literal words of the Scriptures. With all the careless translations of using thought for thought instead of the literal words of scripture, we are losing so much clarity and truth.